When the Korean automaker Kia first came out in the early 2000s, there wasn’t much allure to buying one other than the price. They were notorious for being one of the lower-ranked vehicles, yet consumers still bought them.

Perseverance could be a word used to describe this brand; they refused to give up and, in recent years (due to their commitment to making a top-ranked vehicle), have landed themselves at the top of some of the most prestigious lists in the automotive world. Unlike before, when the Kia appealed to the budget buyers out there, it is catching the eye of younger age groups, families, and business professionals, thanks to the variety of designs and models they have built, including the Kia Soul, Kia Forte, Kia optima, and others. Visit Kia Saskatoon to see just how great these vehicles are.

They are moving (or instead have moved) to some of the top-ranked vehicles amongst other compact, subcompact, and midsize cars, and no treading into the SUV world. This could be thanks to the $1 billion investment the company threw at researching top-quality vehicles.

Reasons Beyond Being Top-Ranked

Besides being a top-ranked brand, there are other reasons to own a Kia. For starters, they are still considered one of the most budget-friendly vehicles. And a bonus (other brands don’t have), you can pre-order a Kia Forte today and have it as little as 60 days, and we all know how challenging it has been to get your hands on a new car these days.

The spacious interiors and sleek exterior make them the perfect family vehicle or a professional one, depending on your lifestyle. Not to mention, the Kia Sorrento has third-row seating, which is ideal for carpooling. And we all need to carpool with gas prices being what they are. Speaking of gas prices, Kias have always been known to have outstanding fuel economy, and certain models, such as the Kia Optima, come in Hybrid.

For Kia, the change in customer perspective bounced them to the top. Call us or stop by Kia Saskatoon and check out the options available, both new and used inventory, including the crossover Kia Soul and Kia Telluride, and get your pre-order in today and you’ll be cruising in your new Kia in no time.